In my present work, Atlas of Dreams, I am unveiling the hidden emotions of urban areas through the use of installations that present maps of the areas where 200 dreamers in the San Francisco Bay Area recalled their memorable REM dreams, and audio recording of the voices of the dreamers narrating their dreams.  By memorable REM dreams, I mean those oneiric experiences whose intense imagery and emotional impact remain in the minds of the dreamers. The maps are made using paper cuttings to create the actual grid of the street where the dreamers recalled their memorable dreams, and painting to evoke the emotional traces left by the memories of the dreamers.  I created the latter using my experiences of dérive or wandering in the streets during which I aimed at extracting the emotional textures of the streets where I recorded the dreams.

Atlas of Dreams, as my other interdisciplinary projects, merge ethnographic aspects of everyday life with the practices of art. In this manner, it illuminates and communicates invisible elements of our presence of being in the world.

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  • Nightmares

    Acrylics on paper, 23x15 inches

  • Sleep Paralysis

    Acrylics on Paper, 23x15 inches

  • Premonitory dreams

    Acrylics on Paper, 23x15 inches

  • Healing dreams

    Acrylics on Paper, 23x15 inches